1. Drive

From the recording Petulant Zen


It's another end to another working day
You're tired of selling your soul for the working wage
And in the 9 to 5 grind
You're afraid that you might find
You're losing too much of yourself sometimes
So baby, don't despair
There's a whole world waiting
Waiting for you out there
Get out and drive
Let's go for a ride
Don't it feel so good just to be alive
We got nowhere to run to 
No reasons to hid
Cast your fears by the highway side
So, c'mon baby, let's get out and drive
We try so hard to keep from feeling old
But more and more it feels like you're losing control
We may not be so young
But there's so much left undone
It's not too late to claim our day in the sun
So baby, don't worry no more
There's a whole world waiting
Just outside your door
We've been rushing to get some place
All of our lives
Let's drop out of this race
And baby, for now, let's just drive