Julie Tan


It's another end to another working day

You're tired of selling your soul for the working wage

And in the 9 to 5 grind

You're afraid that you might find

You're losing too much of yourself sometimes

So baby, don't despair

There's a whole world waiting

Waiting for you out there

Get out and drive

Let's go for a ride

Don't it feel so good just to be alive

We got nowhere to run to 

No reasons to hid

Cast your fears by the highway side

So, c'mon baby, let's get out and drive

We try so hard to keep from feeling old

But more and more it feels like you're losing control

We may not be so young

But there's so much left undone

It's not too late to claim our day in the sun

So baby, don't worry no more

There's a whole world waiting

Just outside your door


We've been rushing to get some place

All of our lives

Let's drop out of this race

And baby, for now, let's just drive

Julie Tan


I don't want to be the one

To hold you down, hold your hand

To make you understand

We've both had our fun

Made big plans, made amends

But we're better off as friends

In my eyes I can see

You don't know me and you'd rather be free

In my mind our time has come and passed

And now it's moot to make it last

Now I don't want to waste more words

To explain to complain

Point a finger lay the blame

We both did our best

Failed the test, then regressed

Now we can only second guess


I feel so sheltered here

In the house we made

But the truth remains

That our needs are just not the same

Julie Tan


This is my history

This is my homeland

I wasn't born with oil money

Or a shotgun in my hand

Unbridled jingoism

I cannot comprehend

Am I less a patriot


I'd defend this union

With my life if called upon to

My blood is boiling red

My soul eternal blue

But my skin is not white

It's of a different hue

Am I less a patriot


I don't believe in damnation

Scaring us to hell

Geography so evil

Children born to kill

I believe worship in the churches

But not on Capitol Hill

Am I less a patriot

Is freedom just a word

When truth is seldom heard

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